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Why book a tour with us?

Because we have more than 15 years taking care of travelers from all around the world so we know the best locations and activities in Panama, and because our first priority is to offer you an adventure that you’ll enjoy!

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“I had a fantastic canal day tour with Manolo‚Äôs team. Very fun and interesting, I recommend it as a must do if you vist Panama city.”
Sura Edwards, Adventurer

Discover Panama

From the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean sea into the dense jungles, from the old historic cities and forts up to the highlands – and everything around and in between – join our tours to discover the best adventures in Panama.

We have an adventure for everyone

Some of us like to explore the jungle, the rivers and the mountains, others like to relax and enjoy the sun at the beach and others are interested in people’s culture to discover their food, history and everything related. We have a tour for every style of travel.

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We’ll take care of you

Our team we’ll make sure everything is ready and organized for your adventure. Transportation, lodging, guide, drinks and food.

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